Friday, 16 March 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – 6 new Kickstarters this week!

It’s been a good week for Kickstarters if you’re interested in terrain or vehicles for your miniatures games.
Let’s start with my favourite company, and the ones that made me buy my first printer.
It’s Printable Scenery with a new kickstarter, this time with buildings for a port, ships and savage tribes. There are three pledges that you can choose or make combos of.
Port Winterdale is a collection of houses and other scenery pieces suitable for a fantasy harbour, and some of them would look great in a historical setting, too.
The Lost Ships will give you a rather large collection of ships, both historical and very fantasy.

The Lost Tribes gives you everything you would need to build the dwellings for such a tribe, and it will work excellent for a tribe of fantasy orcs. Those ramparts looks great.
A week in to the campaign and we’re deep into the stretch goals. If you pledge you will get a lot of fantastic quality stuff.
I’m salivating!
Bonus items for combo pledges.
This KS ends on April 2, 2018.

Jens, the very productive guy behind 3D-Print-Terrain, takes us to China and Japan in this, his newest, campaign.
Lots of buildings unlocked already, and more are surely to be unlocked before this campaign ends on April 1, 2018.
Well worth a look if  you need houses for your samurai games.

If you’re into ancient tree stongholds or airships, then this is certainly for you.
I have a soft spot for airships and these modular ones looks interesting. With modularity and all the unlocked stretch goals, there is enough variability to build a whole fleet of these flying ships.
This KS ends on April 11, 2018.

ESLO is back with a chilly kickstarter. Ancient standing stones, craters, rocks, woods, ruins, fortifications and more. All covered in snow.
If you’re into Frostgrave, a wintry WWII game or wherever there is cold, then this could be something worth checking out.
This KS ends on April 12, 2018.

We move into more organic surroundings in this kickstarter, where we find living things out to get you, or at least your miniature heroes.
This looks eerily alien and a game-board filled with these… things… would be great. Fantastic stuff that wouldn’t look out of place among your Tyranid hordes.
There is also a desert themed modular board pledge, OpenLOCK-compatibel, that is well worth a look.
This KS ends on March 28, 2018.

I found another, just started, kickstarter just as I thought I had this post written and done.
This is Duncan Louca’s first kickstarter, but he’s produced a lot of wonderful 3D-sculpts already.
Here he presents us with a multitude of chunky SF-vehicles that wouldn’t look bad at all among any SF-army of a certain heroic style.

A couple of hours in (as I write this) and already several stretch-goals are bagged. If this is your thing I guess these files could be worth getting a printer for.

What a week!
All photos and illustrations © Printable Scenery, 3D-Print-Terrain, Evan Carothers, ESLO, Eric Askue and Duncan 'shadow' Louca respectively and used with permission.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Crypt from Reaper

I got this crypt from Reaper’s Bones III Kickstarter a while ago.
I wasn’t very impressed actually, as everything was rather smooth and the roof was probably supposed to be metal… not my cup of tea. Had to modify it a bit to be the way I wanted it.
Four strong magnets hold the base. Pretty impressive.
First I planted magnets in all corners of the crypt and in the base, so that I could use the base if I wanted to, or something else if that would be better.
Then I had to shave of a lot of plastic from the roof as I wanted it removable. Now it slots on and off.
The door is NOT wide enough to let a mini with a 25mm base through. That is rather stupid...
After that I got an idea and painted everything that I thought should be stone (including the roof) with Vallejo Oxid Paste to get a nice texture. I got a jar of that paste that I hadn’t used for anything, and this was a good reason to actually open it. Some of it got on the metal-parts but that wasn’t bad at all, as the texture would look like corrosion.
Then some wall-paint for the stone and AP Plate Mail Metal followed by a wash of AP Strong Tone.
Much better. Ready for some suitable undead tenants.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A bunch of pulp figures

Just finished this bunch of pulp minis. Two will come in handy as civilians, always nice as “scatter terrain” in a pulp adventure.
Two Mercant Sailors from Artizan Designs
I have plans for a pulp league for the young woman, and I’m sure the armed sailor will find a job in the seedier parts of a harbour.

Dean Roberts from RAFM and Wild West Wizard of Oz Dorothy from Reaper Miniatures, a Bones mini.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

February – Miniatures Tally

February summed up:
Off record are 10 columns from the Pantheon game. Always useful as terrain.
Total: -13 points

I backed the UBoot Kickstarter, and that comes with 16 plastic figures and two guns. Eight points for the figures as they are in 1/72 scale and one point each for the guns.
I also jumped on a friends pledge on Annie’s Freja’s Wrath Kickstarter and that got me four cats. Also got a free mini through the club, of Gustav Vasa based on the painting by Carl Larsson. A beautiful mini!
Total: 15 points.

Sold or given away:
A total of 59 figures were either given away or went to the For Sale-box at the club. SF, fantasy and near future from Mercs:Recon, Johnny Borg Castings, Mantic, GW, Gamezone, WotC and Reaper Bones.
Total: - 59

2018 total:
Bought:         15
Painted:       -35
Sale:            -109

Total:           -129

Even if I only count my painted minis, and not those in the sales-box, I still have a smaller stash of unpainted minis now than I had at the start of the year. At least according to how I count (only minis bought this year count, not old ‘sins’ getting delivered this year). If I count both painted and for-sale figures I’m comfortably in the green.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Rise of Moloch – Titus

I got my big box of The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch stuff from their Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, and... those figures are just fantastic looking.
So, a bunch of them moved to the painting table to be washes, trimmed and prepped. The first batch will be some of the circus/carnival oriented ones, as I intend to use them in Pulp Alley, as baddies in the Sideshow of Horrors scenario from the Tomb of Serpents solo-campaign I have just started (AAR from the first game is coming shortly).
The very first finished mini is Titus, a very strong and very tough evildoer in the game. He will be equally tough and evil in Sideshow of Horrors.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Dropship and Scatter Blocks

Antenicitis Workshop is well known for their gorgeous scenery and vehicles for generic SF, Infinity, near future and modern. Here they have a kickstarter for a new Infinity Dropship, the Efreet, either as resin model or as stl-files.
What is there to say… it’s a fantastic model… and you can have a fleet of them!
Head over to The 'Efreet' - A Sci-fi Dropship for a closer look.
This KS ends on March 4, 2018.

Next is ScatterBlocks, for those times you don’t want to build a complex dungeon/wooden house/SF-building/etc with your OpenLOCK toys.
Here you’ll get different generic parts to stack and build the terrain you need quickly. Each stretch-goal brings a new skin to the base-pieces.
There is also an option for a very physical game using these pieces and sturdy miniatures. I think that will go very well with a pint of beer or two J
This KS ends on March 22, 2018.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Antenocitis Workshop and Ill Gotten Games respectively and used with permission.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Zombicide: Black Plague – Thundergut and Merieil

The final two minis from the Special Guest Box: Naïade. The other two, Ostokar and Milo, were finished in June, and since then I have only painted two necromancers. It's about time we got more heroes to game with.
A drunk, one-legged dwarf and kick-ass elf – they will bash zombies soon at the club.

Now for something completely different:
About a month ago I found a real pearl of a blog, Vagabond’s Wargaming Blog, and it has become one of my favourites, as it is full of very good AARs. Really very good! Well written with beautiful terrain and minis, what’s not to like? I’ve been very inspired by it.
It’s just a couple of months old and has far too few followers, so I think you should pop over, have a look, and if you like what you see, then follow.
Thank you for a great blog, John!

Welcome Google+ follower Team i-Lovecraft, maker of wonderful 3D-printable terrain.